I thought the stock suspension was great straight out of the box on my 2018 CanAm Maverick X3 RS. I had no desire to change it but I kept hearing how big of a difference it made from some of my Baja friends. So, I bit the bullet and had the MTS guys do the suspension on it. HUGE difference! I've been to Baja a few times and it is substantial. Highly recommend doing the tune.

Steve Cortez

Took my shocks here to be charged with nitrogen. They make quick work of the task and I was in and out within 10 minutes

Joshua Manning

Had new springs installed at UTV takeover at Coos Bay, Excellent customer service... Made the ride quality 100% better... Highly recommend MTS

Arthur Meeker

Incredible Service (Took plenty of time to explain things and when I had questions followed up to ensure I was set) Shock Tuning was PHENOMENAL - night and day like I had a different vehicle...... They've earned a lifelong customer and much respect for how they treat their customers ----- "like friends"......

Michael Maltese

They picked up my can-am maverick x3 XRS and went through all the shocks, re-springed, re-valved, and tuned them. It took them 24 hours and they delivered it back to me. Their customer service was amazing and payment options were easy and convenient.

Hillary Preston

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